Conversations Archive

Presentation / Workshop /Discussion 01.11.23
Let’s Make NFTs
Michael Assis

Presentation / Discussion 20.10.23
Interlacing documentation and critical analysis of online art – problem or chance? A demo with model building and assembling
Inge Hinterwaldner

Presentation / Discussion 04.10.23
The Cinema of Extractions – On Film as Infrastructure for Research
Kristoffer Gansing

CSNI Summer School 06.07.23
Girls Online
Joanna Walsh

TPG Talk 19.01.23
Digital Lethargy
Tung-Hui Hu

Presentation / Discussion 07.12.22
(Net)Working Together to Perform: The Drag of Physicality in the Digital Age
Elly Clarke

Presentation / Discussion 02.11.22
Networked Performance Reimagined: Postdigital Performances of Care Mid-pandemic
Liam Jarvis

Presentation / Discussion 01.06.22
My love for the legendary generator
Winnie Soon

Presentation / Discussion 30.03.22
Aesthetics and AI Image practices
Aurora Hoel, Gabriel Pereira & Lotte Philipsen

Presentations / Collaborations / Discussion / Performance 02.03.22
CSNI Away Day 02.03.22

Presentation / Discussion 02.02.22
Latent Lenses and Computational Cameras
Daniel Chávez Heras

Introductions / Presentation 17.01.22
Rendering Research Workshop: Participants Introductions + Presentation by Jussi Parikka on The Lab Book

Presentation / Discussion 01.12.21
Consider the Environment
Kristina Pulejkova

Conversation 03.11.21
Volumetric Regimes: The Industrial Continuum of 3D
Possible Bodies (Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting) in conversation with Martino Morandi

Presentation / Discussion 06.10.21
Investigative Aesthetics
Matthew Fuller

Keynote Presentations – ACI Research and Enterprise Conference 08.09.21
Decolonising Computing (?)
Syed Mustafa Ali

PRG Presentations – ACI Research and Enterprise Conference 08.09.21
Networked performance: Politics of Collaboration and Online Platforms.
Panel presentation by Dan Barnard, Jon Lee, Elena Marchevska and Eugénie Pastor

CSNI Presentations – ACI Research and Enterprise Conference 08.09.21
The Value of Collaborative PhDs: Model–Database–Interface & Variations on a glance.
Presentations by Lozana Rossenova & Nicolas Malevé. Introduced by Geoff Cox, and discussion moderated by Andrew Dewdney.

CSNI Summer School – Day 1 30.06.21
Marco De Mutiis: How to win at photography – Image-making as play
Marloes de Valk: Refusing the Burden of Computation: Edge Computing and Sustainable ICT
d’bi young anitafrika: Black Womxn Theatre: Decolonising Personhood, Practice & Pedagogy
Qian Xiao: The Victoria and Albert Museum, Network Culture and Decoloniality: An ethnographic study of international students’ transcultural experiences
Theresa Kneppers: Speculative Curating of the Online Borough Road Collection Archive

Presentation / Discussion 02.06.21
On the Importance of Making an Argument: A short account of writing Forget Photography in the first year of Covid
Andrew Dewdney

Presentation / Discussion 05.05.21
The Politics of Medium Specificity
Ryan Nolan

Presentation / Discussion 03.03.21
The Networked Condition: The Environmental Impacts of Digital Cultural Production
Dan Barnard

Presentation / Discussion 10.02.21
Arrested Welcome
Irina Aristarkhova

Presentations / Discussions 21-22.01.21
Research Refusal

Presentations / Discussions 06.01.21
Research Refusal: Delinking
Rosie Hermon and Marloes de Valk

Presentations / Discussion 04.11.21
Crowds and …
Jane Hall and Simon Terrill

Presentation / Discussion 07.10.20
How To Win At Photography
Marco De Mutiis

Presentations / Discussion 01.07.20
The Politics of the Networked Image in Collaborative Research
Chaired: Ioanna Zouli / Presentations: Lozana Mehandzhiyska, Victoria Ivanova, Rosie Herman, Nicola Baird and Carolyn Defrin

Presentations / Discussion 03.06.20
Operational Images: Surface, Measure, Scale
Jussi Parikka

Discussion 06.05.20
Matters of Care in Technoscience: Assembling Neglected Things
Annet Dekker et al, with reference to Maria Puig de la Bellacasa